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2022-07-22 07:47:20 By : Mr. kong kingllen

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Seth Rogen holds a firm place in cannabis culture both for his work in film and his general stoned demeanor from interviews to the red carpet. Houseplant is the creation of Rogen, longtime comedy partner Evan Goldberg, and Michael Mohr. The company sells cannabis flower in California and offers housewares like lamps and ashtrays. This arm of the brand was born from Seth’s love for ceramics and eventual sojourn to create his ideal ashtray.

One of his creations is the Ashtray Set by Seth, featuring a matching little bowl, stout vase, and deep ashtray built with the perfect place to set your joint mid-session. The signature set was recently released in Sage, and the Houseplant team sent one out for us to review, making the perfect second installment of our reviews of luxury housewares for stoned adults.

The Houseplant Ashtray set is an experience from the moment you receive the bright box plastered in every corner with product info displayed in the Houseplant font. The pieces are factory-made based on the original design by Seth. You can tell that they’re not handmade but there is still a distinct handmade feel to the ashtray, bowl, and vase. The surface attracts the eyes and entices you to feel the pleasantly rough texture adjunct to the smooth finish of the top portion of the pieces.

Functionally, each piece in the set is all that a joint smoker could ask for. The deep well will keep a dog’s breath from blowing the ash out onto the coffee table and the perfect joint holder does just what it’s meant to. The vase is so cute with a small daisy or sweet pea complementing its small stature. For the last piece, the saucer, I’ll be frank: I’m not sure what its intended purpose is. Houseplant suggests that it could be a second ashtray, it could also be a good place to store your hemp wick and matches. The ashtray nestles perfectly into the saucer, so you could also use it as an ashtray coaster. You can find this set in four colorways: a forest green Moss, serene blue River, self-explanatory Sand, and the newest option, Sage, which has an artisanal speckle.

This set is excellent for someone who loves to smoke joints or simply wants to have a piece from Houseplant. It’s the flagship ashtray, and an excellent luxe set for someone who is done ashing in an old coffee cup. And if this set doesn’t match your decor there are other curated ashtray options like the mid-mod standing ashtray and the maximalist Gloopy Ashtray by Seth, and the functional lamp ashtray.

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Cara Wietstock is an adept cannabis practitioner and writer with more than a decade of industry experience. She has settled in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets. In her free time, she enjoys heady fiction, studies Ashtanga, and hikes around the local mountain trails with her family.

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